Mystic Lake - $1 Blackjack TV

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

To introduce the addition of $1 minimum bet blackjack tables at the property, Mystic Lake needed a campaign that would get attention and be memorable on a tight budget. As a simple, quick way to convey the idea that you could play a hand for just $1, I came up with the concept of using dollar bill origami, in which a $1 bill is folded into different shapes using stop-motion animation.

Working with a budget of less than $5,000 we needed a concept that we could do completely in-house, while still having a high perceived production value. We set up a digital camera in our studio and created a series of steps of each piece showing a few different things that you can make using only a $1 bill.

The spot cost less than $2,000 which allowed us to create a second :15 spot showing another shape you can make, but in a slightly different way. The bookend approach resulted in high visibility and recall for the campaign without spending a lot on the buy.

WINNER: 2012 Bronze Telly

TV, Advertising, Campaign, Concept
Creative Director, Copywriter, Origami Folder, Producer